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In celebration of the latest batch on Obscene boards here is…

Clayton Berglove & Mikey Saccoman “Dexterity in the Dark: A Full Moon”

I haven't known Clayton for to long but we immediately clicked. I feel like we both have a huge love for skateboarding that cannot be avoided. Being around him truly pushes me to be better on and off the board! Thank you Clayton for all that you do and hooking me up with the Obscene sponsorship!

Mikey Saccoman was introduced to me by Clayton and is another Obscene ripper, all of his footy is from maybe 1 or 2 nights. He throws down like a true hessian and his scrappy style is something to be admired. The part also features Caleb Stein, another Obscene ripper! shouts out Caleb.

I also wanna give another huge thanks to Uranium Club for helping us out with a song for this segment! Y'all rule!


Yo everyone, hope everyone is making it through this winter with good spirits. We have a lot of exciting videos brewing! Dexterity in the Day, The Obscene Promo, Weem volume II, and a gang of footage from Duluth, Dinky town, Como, South Saint Paul, Landfall, Chicago, Colorado, etcetera. We have been keeping ourselves busy.

Along with all that I am currently in process of embarking on a journey with OCEAN MEETS SKY. This is the homie’s site and we really dig what he’s doing. He sees that people are being so competitive in the arts. In turn he wants to create a place where musicians, skaters, artists, rappers, and whoever else can work together for the greater good and all progress together! Or in his words.

“I know people who are flying high in the SKY and I know people who are just making starting to make splashes in this OCEAN we call life. I am here to provide a platform, a horizon to bridge the two. Hence Ocean Meets Sky. I can’t wait to hear from each and every one of y’all. “

Basically we are going to have a skateboarding segment on the site, this could consist of videos, interviews, articles, reviews, etcetera. So if you have any ideas, a video coming out, or an event you need help promoting hit me up at This is really going to be a lot of fun and give more of a voice to skateboarders around the area. We really want to thank Ocean Meets Sky for giving us this opportunity.

Ok, so to wrap this all up I just want to give some shouts out to a couple videos I’ve seen online recently.


Andrew Ellison “ this door is a bucket” Andrew Ellison and Mitch Guth do it again. The utmost respect for them and the whole Cal Surf crew! Buy the video HERE

tye halek // feel Austin Browne provides a very cinematic look at skating and Tye rips it up!

Jeremy Murray - Skating is Easy Pete Spooner (MN skate video legend) is doing his thing out in NYC. His homie Jeremy kills it BOSS mode in this part! Buy the full video HERE


THE SOUR SOLUTION II. In short, if you are going to watch anything this week, make it this!

CIAO - trailer. A very crispy looking trailer.

Much Love,

Shane Brown and the Dexterity Crew

Christian and Riley Kadidlo “Dexterity in the Dark: A Full Moon”

Personally, I think this part is really special! Not only did these brothers do the shredding, but they also hit the studio and each came up with a track for it! What a thing of beauty. I cannot thank these guys enough for what they have done for me. Countless hours of shredding, making music, and giving me motivation for the videos. Thank you Christian and Riley for always being so willing and generous to help me out!

On another note, make sure to look out for Christian's video "TRV-TV (Now in Stereo)" with Christian musical stylings, and insanely sick editing skills, I know this one is going to kill it. Watch the promo here


Christian’s Soundcloud

Riley’s Souncloud

Shane Brown “Dexterity in the Dark: A Full Moon”

We are halfway through. The snow is sticking to the ground, so take a break from “banger season” sit down, relax and enjoy :)

This is my part!! I gotta give it up to all the homies who helped make this possible. Optimystic and Chocvillah for the amazing musical tracks!! Hans, Mitch, Max, Dana, and Christian for filming me. My girlfriend Ivonne for all the love and support through the entire project. Thank you for always being there for me :) I want to thank Bridget for giving me a job that allows me more free time and flexibility to pursue my passion of skateboarding!! And one more thank you to everyone who has showed me love, encouragement and support! All of my fam, friends, the shops, and the cities. thank you skateboarding!!

Ryan Koran and Carter Petersen “Dexterity in the Dark: A Full Moon”


Happy Halloween everyone, here is a little treat for you :)

Ryan Koran and Carter Petersen! This part came together really naturally, partially thanks to Ryan landing everything within minutes! Dude is a beast, super supportive, and just a great guy to have on the sesh. As for Carter, this dude progressed so much through the time I filmed for this project! I'm proud to have captured some of his first street clips on film :) look out for him in the future, he has a unique trick bag. So lets give it up one more time for these dudes! I'm looking forward to getting clips with both of you ASAP!! Thank you both for filming!!

Once again thank you Chocvillah for the beats!!!! I am honored to be your friend and collaborator since junior high!!

Trevor Carlson “Dexterity in the Dark; A Full Moon”


I accidently lied a couple weeks ago when I said we were about half way through posting all of the Full Moon parts, we still haven’t hit the half way point yet. So if you haven’t bought the full video yet, please go to the shop and pick one up for only 10 dollars! We could really use this money to get new glass for our scratched fisheye!

Trevor Carlson is a good dude who is absolutley obsessed with skating!! Besides that, you usually can't get him to stop talking about coffee, the latest Nikes, or the newest shipment of Familia gear. In fact, he is a die hard Familia fanatic. A deep, deep love for the Fam runs through his veins!! Which probably has something to do with the legendary Dana Ross (guest skater), who took us under his street skate wings as soon as we were old enough to flee the coop!!

As usual I need to give a major shout out to him for doing what he does. Dana is a motivator, encourager, organizer, and director. Thank you Dana for believing in us. You are the glue that holds the scene together. You really know how to make things happen!! Buy his latest video here!

Once again we got Chin Hos supplying us with the smooth sounds. I really got to thank Chinny as well for all the time and dedication to music and skating. We couldn't do it without you Chinny! and once again thank you to my friend, room mate, and long time skate pal Trevor for putting in work!! Lets keep it up!!

Paul Jensen “Dexterity in the Dark; A Full Moon”


With that first snowfall we can tell winter is drawing near. So lets get stoked off Paul’s part in “Dexterity in the Dark: A Full Moon” and make the best of our final “warm” and dry days!! ………snow skating season is right around the corner!!

Paul Jensen has been the good homie for a while now! We probably met on youtube or skatevideosite sharing links with each other, so I am glad we met up in physical reality to get some skating done! This part is short and sweet. The perfect length for the instagram generation, LOL. With a good style, some Jack Dawkins action, and a track by Motel Dream you can't go wrong!!

I also just want to give one more major shout out to Paul for always believing in me, encouraging me, and helping me follow my best dreams! Thank you for all the support homie!! Love ya

Paul's youtube:

ps: watch Pauls parts for some crazy hippie jumps!

Motel Dream soundcloud:

Evan Alexander/Cam Herman “Dexterity in the Dark; A Full Moon”


We are about half way through posting parts for “Dexterity in the Dark: A Full Moon” !! I will continue to post parts, and eventually put the full length online. With that being said I only have a handful of copies left, so if you are a die hard twin cities skate fan, make sure to peep the store and order a copy today!!

Here are my long time good, good skate friends!! Love y’all!!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy as you watch the fun street stylings of Evan Alexander and Cam Herman. Two naturally gifted skaters cruising around and having fun with the squad. For any of you who know these two fools, you know that there talent far exceeds what is shown here. Never the less, With the smooth saxophone sounds of Walter Hampton to accompany them, this part is for surely one to be savored. OH! and lets not forget the guest appearance by the legendary legend Alex Zadeii!!

Matt Boeltl “Dexterity in the Dark; A Full Moon”


We are getting to colder days folks, lets take a look at the skater with the coldest heart..

Just kidding Matt! Your heart is filled with sarcasm and wallie crooks. Matt is a great skateboarder, with a smooth style and some nice switch stance maneuvers! I wish we skated more now a days :( where are you Matt?! Also thank you to sic semper for the great musical track! I love the deepness of the lyrics. Make sure to check out some of his other work! Once again, thank you to everyone who helped make this all possible. Check out the store to snag a copy of the nearly hour long full length featuring some of the twin cities best skateboarding and musical talent.

Friends Section numero uno “Dexterity in the Dark; A Full Moon”


School is back in session, so take notes from these skate masters!

Friends are an essential part of skateboarding! they bring the stoke, they cheer you up, they root you on, they give you tips, they film, they make music, they do so much, they are amazing! thank you to all my friends who got clips, and thank you to Afterthought and Chocvillah for the soundtrack! you guys rule!


 Dietrich Tagarino “Dexterity in the Dark; A Full Moon”


Due to technical difficulties this post is about a week later than we would have liked. Never the less, we bring you Dietrich Tagarino's section from "Dexterity in the Dark: A Full Moon"

Dietrich is truly one of a kind! He flows this part with a ton of style. I love skating and filming with this man right here. Even if the sessions are few and far between, he always has a ton of energy built up and is ready to get tricks! Usually within just a couple of tries!.....and on top of all that he made is own song! What a stand up guy right here! He is also getting married soon! so if you see him and his lovely finance Rae, wish then a congratulations! Love you Dietrich. Skateboarding is stupid.

The full Video features 18 skaters, has 2 friends sections, a parking garage montage, and clocking in at nearly an hour this is definitely one for the shelf! So if you are an avid twin cities skate connoisseur head on over to the shop and pick up your very own copy of "Dexterity in the Dark: A Full Moon" today!


Jeremiah Munn “Dexterity in the Dark; A Full Moon”


Hi and welcome to Dexterity Distribution. In honor of the website officially being up and going we present to you Jeremiah Munns part from our newly released full length film, "Dexterity in the Dark: A Full Moon"

Jeremiah Starts the video off right! With his smooth style and nonchalant demeanor Je_Mu is sure to keep you wanting more. This dude is a Saint. Throughout filming for this part he has worked for Catholic Charaties and has volunteered his time to helping the needy. Jeremiah is someone that inspires me and makes me want to be a better human on the daily! So if you say him, say "what up" and tell him "thank you" for being so incredible.

and thank you Chinny for the song!

Hop over to our shop to purchase the rest of the nearly hour long Twin Cites skate epic!