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Dexterity in the Dark: A Full Moon

Dexterity in the Dark: A Full Moon

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"Dexterity in the Dark: A Full Moon"

The film takes place entirely at night in Saint Paul and Minneapolis. Featuring some of the areas most talented and creative skateboarders, we take you on a unique journey through the twin cities landscape, exploring and skating every dirty crevasse, back alley, and dingy corner of the urban sprawls. Infused with the sounds of skilled musicians, producers, and freestyle hip hop artists we hope to provide an experience that is truly one of a kind and special to our area.

Featured Skaters:

Grady Moquin
Matt Boeltl
Christian Kadidlo
Riley Kadidlo
Hans Bremhorst
Max Kollman
Shane Brown
Max Kollman
Clayton Berglove
Mikey Saccoman
Trevor Carlson
Ryan Koran
Carter Petersen
Mitch Guth
Paul Jensen
Evan Alexander
Jeremiah Munn
Cam Herman
Dietrich Tagarino

Music by:

Chin Hos
D Lee
Dietrich Tagarino
Riley Kadidlo
Upstanding Hoodrat
Sic Semper
Money Island
Uranium Club